Vapor Trail Bullets

Vapor Trail Bullets specializes in building precision long range bullets for competition shooting. We are in a constant search of better ways and methods either by technology, design or just hard work.

Our Company mission is really simple, produce the most accurate bullets that exist! We can talk about all of the equipment required to produce bullets but in the end it’s the people that make the difference.

What we have learned is that while good production equipment, bullet design and materials are important, they are not as essential as the people building the bullets. People that check jacket quality. People that build our lead cores. People that check and double check every phase of production for consistency and uniformity. People that have developed a methodology and procedure that produce our title winning bullets.

Tom Jacobs has assembled his team that care about building bullets as much as he does. Dan Hullinger and Rory Jacobs help Tom pull the handles while Sara Jacobs handles order coordination. Sally Bauer handles all of the Bookkeeping and financial duties.