What do you keep in inventory?

We try to keep our V-Tac line of bullets in stock at all times. However, with the high demand of these bullets we can sometimes fall behind. Our hand made line of bullets is in such high demand that we will fill orders as fast as we can make them without compromising the quality.

How do I order your bullets?

The best way is to call and talk to Tom Jacobs. Tom keeps a log of orders and dates when customers order bullets so orders will go out according to his log. Tom’s Telephone number is 660-748-8111. You can also fill out the form on each bullet page, and that request will go directly to Tom.

Why are your bullets in such demand?

Our bullets have a history of winning. You don’t have to take our word for it, just look at the past winners of Long Range Benchrest National Tournaments. This winning heritage keeps our phone’s ringing and our backlog full.

What makes your bullets different?

There is nothing unique about the components that go into our bullets. It’s the proprietary process of building the Bullets that make our product so successful. We take the time and effort to make sure every phase of construction is exactly the same as the last. A lot of measuring, weighing and quality control go into every bullet before it goes to a customer. Over the years we have developed a system and sequence that makes bullets consistently. We have a list of specifications for our components and we check, double check and triple check every component to assure those specifications are met.

Can we use bullets for hunting?

We have used them for years now. These bullets are built on thin jackets, similar to the Berger hunting line. We have customers, using our hand made bullets, that take Moose, Elk and Deer every year with great success. My personal varmint rifles shoots the 103 V-Tacs amazingly well and is DRT on Coyotes. Like any bullet, place it where it belongs and it will do the job.

Do you have load recommendations for your bullets?

The general answer is no we don’t. There is so much information out there that we hesitate to jump into the mix of recipe’s and load data. We do have a list of recommended barrel twist and ballistic coefficient info listed with each of our bullets.

When do I need to pay for my order?

You will receive a phone call telling you that your order is ready. Once payment is received your order will go out to you via the US Postal Service. Usually with one week upon receipt of payment.

Do you take Credit Card payments?

Yes, we take both Master Card and Visa.

What caliber and weight of bullets do you offer?

Currently in the 6mm’s we offer two bullets, our handmade and our V-Tacs, both 103 grain. In the 6.5mm we offer a 133 and a 139 grain handmade bullet. In 30 caliber we offer a 204 grain handmade bullet. We are always in the process of developing additional bullets and designs and will offer  them as soon as we can test and verify their accuracy potential.