The Blast 2022

Flint Oak Ranch 2639 Quail Road, Fall River, KS

May 5, 2022: Sign In May 6-8, 2022: Competition Balloon Shoot (like the old Varmint Hunters Jamboree) 5 Classes at 4 Distances, 18 balloons each, Guaranteed Prize Money 22 long rifle Factory A-R Tactical Unlimited Entry Form Rules and Regulations Sponsorship Form

The Rendezvous

Vapor Trail Valley Range MO

Year two for the Rendezvous. Last year’s Rendezvous was a great success with many of the top long range benchrest shooters in attendance. The format was unique and widely agreed as one of the more interesting ways to shoot the long range benchrest game. The common thought of everyone was “We’ll be back for next... Read more »